Total call outs attended this year: 94

Incident#72 – 23/08/18

Incident#72 – 23/08/18

Humber Rescue were paged at 09.05am by HMCG to reports of  a stricken vessel with smoke coming from one engine. Our Rescue Boat launched at 9.22am with 3 crew on board.

The vessel was reported to be making its own way slowly to Hull Marina, at 9.31am we arrived on scene and escorted the vessel under its on steam to its destination. Whilst on escort another callout came in and our rescue boat was retasked. Our IRB was launched to take over the escort and our Rescue Boat rapidly left scene to a vessel which had gone aground close to Cappers West light Float, of which was unable to refloat, so crew were taken off and will return on next high tide.

The first stricken casualty vessel arrived at Hull Marina into a safe berth.

All boats stood down at 11.07am and returned to station